Sussex school children 'betrayed' by council over new college building

  • Video report features interviews with Marion Wilcock - Governor at Woodlands Meed, Karen George - Complete Woodlands Meed School campaign

A school for children with special educational needs in West Sussex says it's being severely let down by years of broken promises by the county council.

For the last decade, Woodlands Meed in Burgess Hill has been told it will get a brand new building for its teenage pupils, but so far they've been left in conditions which are not fit for purpose.

While the school's younger students are taught at a brand new site elsewhere in Burgess Hill, 14-19 year olds have been left in conditions which the school says doesn't meet the needs of the pupils.

Classrooms are cramped, the school gym is too small for games and has to double up as a lunch room, and in the rain, children in wheelchairs face a journey outside to use the toilet.

In 2012 teachers and children moved into the current buildings - it was only meant to be temporary

In February this year, and after years of campaigning, the council approved £20 million pound for a new college

In July - everything stopped, the college still no clearer to when or even if they will get a new building.

West Sussex County Council says it accepts that delay is frustrating as it carries out a full review.

The Woodlands Meed College project will be discussed on 4th December by a council committee.