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Driver who crashed into two police officers in Maidenhead found guilty of dangerous

A man has been convicted of three counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving, one count of driving a motor vehicle whilst over the prescribed limit of alcohol, and one count of driving without insurance.

Hayden Brown, aged 25, of Suffolk Road, Maidenhead, was found guilty by jury at a hearing at Reading Crown Court following a five day trial to the three counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and pleaded guilty to the other two counts.

Two Thames Valley Police officers PC Tom Dorman and PC Norman Lam carried out a routine stop check on a vehicle on Norden Road, Maidenhead on 2nd September 2018.

Both officers were out of the vehicle when a silver Ford Focus, driven by Brown, was travelling at excessive speed and out of control along Norden Road. The car collided with both the officers first, causing them to be pushed against the car which was stop checked. This car was then struck along with the police car.

PC Dorman received serious injuries as a result of the crash which led to him having his leg amputated. He also suffered a depressed skull fracture through his sinus. He continues to receive medical treatment.

PC Lam sustained several puncture wounds and severe bruising to his legs, fractured ribs, a dislocated shoulder as well as contusions to his arms. PC Lam has been psychologically affected by the incident and is undergoing treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A 19-year-old woman who was a passenger in the car that Brown was driving also suffered serious injuries. This included 24 broken bones and internal injuries which required several operations.

Brown fled the scene of the collision, but was later arrested on the same day. A breathalyser test was carried out and Brown was found to be nearly twice the drink drive limit for alcohol.

Norden Road, Maidenhead Credit: Thames Valley Police

Brown was driving at excessive speed under the influence of alcohol. His reckless actions of getting behind the wheel whilst under the influence, driving at speed and ultimately losing complete control of the vehicle had a devastating impact on three people and it is extremely lucky that no-one died. The injuries that PC Dorman, PC Lam and the member of public received physically and psychologically will have a lasting impact. It is clear in this case that Brown was in no state to be driving a car. Over and over we see the destruction that driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs can have on innocent people’s lives. I would hope that this conviction will serve as a reminder that drinking and driving is not worth the risk.

– Inspector Andy Storey