He was a family man- the victim of a violent murder- but 25 years on his killer has still not been brought to justice.

John Sheppard, the manager of a bookmakers in Aylesbury, suffered more than 40 wounds when he was attacked as he shut up shop on December the 3rd 1994.

Thames Valley Police have a DNA profile of the suspect and today(03/12), a quarter of a century later, they've launched a fresh appeal for help.

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He was known in the community as Gentle John but in 1994 John Shepphard was the victim of a brutal attack at the bookmakers in Aylesbury where he worked.

John Horwood bookmakers where Sheppard worked Credit: ITV Meridian

Found by an off duty policeman, the 66 year old had been stabbed and beaten to death after closing time and today, police are launching a fresh appeal for information.

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Some money was taken from the shop but police said it's not clear how the attackers got in.

Speaking from her home in Australia, John's daughter said the family just want some answers.

  • Emma Meir- John's daughter

Police hope the public will help them link up vital DNA evidence and a reward of £20,000 has been offered for information leading to the conviction of John's killer.