• WATCH: Thieves target a garage in Gravesend in broad daylight

An appeal has been launched after two motorbikes worth thousands of pounds were stolen from a family home in Gravesend in the middle of the day.

CCTV footage shows the moment two men smashed their way into the garage before running off with the bikes.

Homeowner Steve Davis told us how he was powerless to stop the theft.

I had a notification come up on my phone and I looked at it and I had a little window pop up showing me an imagine of two people inside my garage to which I clocked on and went livestream. There was absolutely nothing I could do apart from sit there and watch my bikes disappear."

Steve Davis

Two motorbikes worth thousands of pounds were stolen in the raid.

Kent Police says detectives are investigating a burglary on Ladyfields in Northfleet on Saturday.

They're urging anyone with information get in touch.