Two British pilots have landed back in the UK after flying around the world in a newly restored Spitfire.

Steve Brooks who's 58 and from Burford in Oxfordshire, and Matt Jones, from Exeter, made aviation history, landing at Goodwood in Sussex.

It took four months to circumnavigate the globe in the first trip of its kind in a Spitfire, which involved stopping off at 100 locations in 30 different countries.

The plane, from 1943 - had been restored over two years, in order to travel the world. The last time it was in the air was in World War Two.

The project, called Silver Spitfire - The Longest Flight, started and finished at Goodwood Aerodrome, the base of Boultbee Flight Academy, the first-ever school for Spitfire pilots, in West Sussex.

It landed safely at Goodwood in West Sussex Credit: ITV Meridian

A glitzy event was held for the departure in August attended by celebrities including Gone Girl actor Rosamund Pike, Rocketman star Taron Egerton and former Formula One driver David Coulthard.

Sally Simmonds watched the touchdown today at Goodwood.