Philippa has Sunday's weather for the west

Sunny spells and blustery showers today with a chance of some hail or thunder. Showers continuing overnight with winds whipping up and a yellow warning coming into force as a result. Monday will start on a windy note but showers will soon clear and winds will gradually ease to leave a pretty pleasant start to the working week.

Today:A very windy day, with strong gusts likely, especially along the English Channel, but also inland at times. Sunny spells and occasional showers are expected through the day. Showers will be heavy and blustery at times, especially through the afternoon. Maximum temperature 10 °C.

Tonight:Further showers expected, and staying rather windy during the first half of the night. Winds perhaps briefly easing. As showers fade by dawn, however, these are likely to strengthen again. Minimum temperature 4 °C.

Monday:Bright, blustery start with the strong winds only gradually easing. Mainly dry and fine, with sunshine becoming largely unbroken by the afternoon. Maximum temperature 10 °C.