A family of three and their seven dogs have been rescued from a fire in their bungalow in Chandler's Ford.

The blaze broke out early last night - in a bungalow on Leigh Road in Chandlers Ford. It took 30 firefighters several hours to bring it under control.

Three people were taken to hospital and one of the dogs suffered severe burns.

The victims have praised the emergency services for their fast response and also their neighbours who came to their aid to help rescue their seven dogs.

The fire started in a bedroom and quickly spread into the roof of the bungalow in Leigh Road.

David has praised his neighbours and the fire service.

David Lamb and his family were briefly allowed back in to inspect the damage this morning.

One of his seven Newfoundland dogs was injured in the fire though David says the vets are optimistic.

Blue the dog seen here in training was injured in the fire Credit: ITV Meridian

Richard Slee has been speaking to David about his family's ordeal.