Caroline Lucas increases majority and Labour MP attacks Tories

Brighton Pavilion Green Party MP Caroline Lucas increased her majority to almost 20,000 votes. That majority increased by nearly 5%.

However, she was angry that the voting system was holding her party back.

  • Watch below as Caroline Lucas says she is 'incredibly proud' to represent Brighton Pavilion:

  • Supporters cheer as the Green Party win is confirmed:

I feel incredibly proud that my majority has increased because it demonstrates that Brighton Pavilion continues to believe in compassion and justice.

Caroline Lucas MP
  • Watch below: Caroline Lucas MP attacks voting system:

As I travelled around the country, I met so many people who wanted to vote Green but they could not dare to do so for fear of splitting the vote and letting other parties in.

Caroline Lucas MP
  • Brighton Kemptown's Lloyd Russell-Moyle held his seat - but was angry over Conservative policies:

  • Labour MP's attack on Conservatives...

We will fight them in Parliament, we will fight them in the courts, we will fight them in the workplaces and we will fight them in the streets.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP
  • Peter Kyle MP criticises party leadership...

Labour's Peter Kyle had a comfortable majority in Hove, defeating his nearest rival by nearly 16,00 votes. But he was devastated at the loss of excellent MPs.

The people I have seen lose tonight are very close friends. They have been let down by people making decisions at the top of our party.

Peter Kyle MP