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Lib Dem Stephen Lloyd loses his Eastbourne seat to the Conservatives

Lib Dem Stephen Lloyd lost Eastbourne tonight, a victim of Brexit.

The town voted Leave in the referendum, but Mr Lloyd won the seat in 2017 by promising to support whatever deal Theresa May managed to negotiate.

That got him into trouble with Lib Dem bosses and for a while he resigned the party whip at Westminster and sat as an independent.

Lib Dem Stephen Lloyd appears to have become a victim of Brexit Credit: PA Images

When he stood this time for the Lib Dems he had to make it clear he was completely behind his party's policy of revoke or back a second referendum.

That seems to have cost him his job. He was a popular figure in the town, and well regarded as an MP. But he must have lost count of the number of people who said to him during this campaign, "I think you are a great MP but I'm a Leaver so I can't vote for you".

Stephen Lloyd has lost the Eastbourne seat to Caroline Ansell Credit: ITV Meridian

It's the second time he's lost the seat. In 2015 he was one of the many Lib Dems swept away after the coalition government (although he nearly held on). Tonight, it seems Brexit is responsible for his defeat.

Tory Caroline Ansell, who beat him in 2015, then lost to him in 2017, has beaten him again tonight.