Kent hospitals kids fundraiser - help Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells find £30,000

A hospital trust in Kent is looking to find £30,000 to help sick children in the county.

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells has started a fundraising campaign to try to buy specialist equipment.

It's been supported by the family of two year old Finley Hudson who has been undergoing treatment at the hospitals since he was born.

Finley has a rare genetic disorder called Diamond Blackfan Anaemia which means he cannot produce his own red blood cells. Every three weeks he has to have blood transfusions

Finley's mum Ellie, who is supporting the fundraising campaign says the trust has been a 'lifeline'.

Finley's mum Ellie is supporting the campaign Credit:

"All the resources that we have we need regularly so it's a new way of life Without the staff we couldn't of got to where we are now. The team is what makes it, they're on call 24/7, they know Finley as a person and with the equipment they would be even better. That would complete the jigsaw."

Finley's mum, Ellie
An adult probe. The Trust want to purchase a smaller one for children Credit:

The hospital want to buy a smaller probe for their heart problem detector which would be more comfortable for the children.

If they reached their target, money would also be spent on a cough machine for children with cystic fibrosis as well as a specialist pod to take children in between hospitals.

An example of a Baby Pod that the hospital wants to buy. Credit: