Mum of missing Worthing woman feels 'let down' by Sussex Police over daughter's disappearance

  • Watch: Andrea Gharsallah says she feels 'let down' by Sussex Police

The mother of a missing Worthing woman says she feels 'let down' by Sussex Police's handling of her disappearance.

Georgina Gharsallah, who herself has two children, hasn't been seen since 7 March 2018 but her mother Andrea Gharsallah claims officers have been slow to act.

"We are quite disappointed about the way it's been handled. They have let us down, we've constantly suggested things. We know it's difficult if they haven't got leads, but what about all the other things people have come forward with and said? They've just dismissed it. We think if those things were looked into and done you can dismiss them and say we've done that."

Georgina Gharsallah has been missing since March 2018

In August last year Sussex Police said Georgina was probably murdered.

Part of the frustration from Georgina's family comes down to the fact police only released CCTV footage, potentially showing the 32-year old in the town with another woman, 18 months after she went missing.

This CCTV was released 18 months after Georgina disappeared Credit:

Sussex Police say it's because they were focussing their search on the area where she was last seen, and not the town centre a mile away where the footage was recorded.

The family say Georgina's Facebook account has still not been accessed by the police, and feel not enough priority has been given since the disappearance 22 months ago.

Andrea Gharsallah is frustrated over Sussex Police's handling of daughter Georgina's disappearance Credit:

Andrea, who is now calling for an independent inquiry into Sussex Police's handling of the case, said:

"Just because she's a normal girl and might've had a chaotic lifestyle it doesn't make her less of a person or less deserving. She deserves to be looked for."

Sussex Police insists it is keen to work with Georgina's family to get them answers.

A Home Office spokesperson said:

“Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Georgina Gharsallah.

“This is an ongoing police investigation and it would not be appropriate for the Home Office to comment further.”