Reading man who had left side of skull removed 'a walking miracle'

A young man from Reading has been described by doctors as 'a walking miracle' after recovering from an horrific head injury.

Mike Brockie had to have half of his skull removed after he fell and hit his head eight months ago.

I'd been on a social with some friends. I left just before 1am on Friday morning and doctors and the police came to the conclusion that I fell over and didn't use my hands to break the fall so I ended up hitting my head on the floor. The next thing I remember was four weeks later."

Mike Brockie, Patient

Mike was kept in an induced coma and spent three weeks at the Neuro Intensive Care Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

It wasn't clear if he would ever fully recover.

Your children are old enough and have left home. It is that fear of receiving a call that is of devastation and at that moment in time we had no concept of how severe the injury was, what the prognosis would be. It was all a lot of unknown."

Donald & Rachel Brockie, Mike's parents

In a relatively short space of time Mike was back playing competitive badminton and has now returned to work.

Now his family want to give something back to the hospital team that helped save his life.

They are hoping to raise £15,000 for a specialist tilting table to say thank you for his medical care.

Mike was back playing badminton in a short space of time.