Thirty students from Plumpton College in Sussex were on board a coach that overturned last night.

The vehicle was heading along Ditchling Road from Plumpton College to Eastbourne when the accident happened.

The B2116 was closed both ways at Plumpton Lane and emergency services were called to the scene.

Six students were treated for minor injuries at A&E in Brighton.

The B2116 was closed both ways at Plumpton Lane. Credit: ITV Meridian

A student from Plumpton College has spoken about the moment the coach overturned.

T-Sha Wells was on board at the time of the accident.

We got around the first couple of corners and all I remember is him braking suddenly and swerving into a ditch. Then the next thing I remember is when the coach toppled over and me waking up on the side of the coach. I was in quite a deal of pain and everyone was trapped."

T-Sha Wells, student at Plumpton College
Emergency services were at the scene to help students with minor injuries. Credit: ITV Meridian

In a statement on Twitter, Plumpton College said: "Our Eastbourne coach has been involved in a road incident this evening. Emergency services are at the scene."

James Hibbert, Deputy Principle at Plumpton College said an "incident support room" was set up last night to help the students involved to get home.

Mr Hibbert was at the scene once the emergency call came in.

He said: "Staff and students showed a lot of compassion in making sure that everyone was safe, fed, watered and got home safely."

ITV Meridian requested a statement from the bus company but they declined to comment.