'Running saved my life': The East Sussex club getting people on their feet

A running group in East Sussex is encouraging people to open up about their experiences of mental health through exercise.

Running Space is supporting people in around Bexhill and Hastings.

Group members are able to talk about their experiences, bond and socialise, whilst also improving their physical health.

Jacky and the team meet for coffee afterwards for a chance to talk.

The group is run by Jacky Youldon, who has tried to take her own life in the past.

She says that running saved her life and she believes lots of people in the group have similar experiences.

A wide range of people have joined the Running Space since it was set up 3 years ago.

Some have lots of experience of running, others are beginners.

A range of mental health conditions are represented in group; from anxiety and depression to autism and schizophrenia.

The aim for all of them is to take on active tasks they thought they'd never be able to do.

  • WATCH: Tom Savvides meets the Running Space team