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Parents of murdered daughter accuse police of 'covering up' for the killer

The parents of a woman who was brutally killed by her partner have made damning accusations against Sussex Police. They say the force 'deliberately lied and covered up' for a murderer.

Susan Nicholson was murdered in Worthing in 2011 by Robert Trigg. He was already known by police to be violent towards women, but he was not prosecuted for Susan's murder until six years later.

Now her parents have been given permission to seek a full inquest into her death.

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Nearly a decade of fighting for justice for their daughter Susan, her parents still battle on.

They've just been given permission to seek a full inquest into their daughter's death and challenge what they say were police failings.

Susan Nicholson was murdered in Worthing in 2011 by her partner Robert Trigg, but her death was not treated as suspicious at first. Susan's parents say police did not investigate properly.

  • Peter and Elizabeth Skelton:

Robert Trigg had a long history of violence against women. His former girlfriend Caroline Devlin had been found dead in their bed five years before he killed Susan Nicholson.

He was eventually convicted of manslaughter and murder and sentenced to 25 years in 2017.

Robert Trigg

Now Susan's family want a full inquest to prove their daughter's death could've been prevented, and learn lessons.

We wanted a proper inquest and all these police officers and the coroner in 2011 to ask, why did they cover up for Robert Trigg? Why were they making excuses for Robert Trigg? It wasn't fair and it's not right because If this is how everyone is treated, then it's not very good on the police.

– Elizabeth Skelton

Susan's parents, who are in their 80s, are hoping to pay the costs of seeking a full inquest through crowdfunding, but say they've been warned they will have to pay the police's costs too if they lose their case.

Crowdfunding page to raise money for full inquest

ITV Meridian asked Sussex Police for a response to the claims in our report. They told us they are not in position to comment because the matter will be the subject of a Judicial Review.

The Judicial Review is heard in Spring.