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Beach cleaners find 35 year old crisp packet among 850 kilos of plastic waste

A 35 year old crisp packet was among forty large sacks of plastic waste collected by volunteers on Hayling Island.

The beach clean was organised by the Final Straw Solent, who said that recent storms had washed ashore a shocking amount of rubbish.

41 volunteers joined the clean-up on Hayling Island Credit: Facebook

Around 40 volunteers collected 40 large bags of plastic, weighing 850kgs, in just two hours. The group said there was still a huge amount of plastic left behind.

"We found a few bottles and cans, but mostly nurdles, cotton bud sticks (thousands!), tampon applicators, bottle lids, nylon rope, fishing line, tooth flossing sticks, toys, cable ties, sweet and crisp packets and much much more."

– The Final Straw Solent
Credit: The Final Straw Solent

The group said it was shocking, but no great surprise, to find a crisp packet in pretty much the same condition as it was decades after it was first used.

The top find on today’s beach clean was this packet of Walkers Crisps, ready salted - we have narrowed it down to estimate it is from the mid 1980’s - probably around 35 years old. Older than a lot of today’s beach cleaners by a long way! It looks pretty good for a single-use packet, the contents of which were probably eaten in under 10 minutes.

– The Final Straw Solent
Credit: The Final Straw Solent

Campaigners say it’s a particular issue in Langstone Harbour because it’s a nationally important site for seabirds, who pick up the plastic and sometimes eat it or feed it to their chicks.

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