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Central Brighton to be 'car-free within three years'

City councillors have declared that central Brighton should be car-free by 2023.

Labour and Green Party councillors have backed a plan which aims to improve air quality and reduce air pollution.

They voted to commission a report, drawn up by October, into how the policy might work.

York and Birmingham made similar commitments earlier this month.

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Brighton and Hove City Council has already pledged to make the city carbon neutral by 2030.

A city-wide 'climate assembly' is now being set up to decide what will happen next.

It's really important to address the problems of air pollution that we have today. We're hearing big figures now like David Attenborough recently has come out saying we're at this tipping point, we're getting past the point of no return. So it's really really important to have harder measures to implement to try and arrest this problem that we have now."

– Dr Kevin Wyche, University of Brighton

The British Heart Foundation has warned that almost 500 people could die of heart disease caused by pollution in Brighton alone in the next decade.

If you stop traffic going through Brighton, you force it into other roads and of course if you force it into other roads you already face the fact that these roads have been cut down to single lanes due to bus lanes and cycle lanes. So you increase the traffic in another area, so the pollution is still there and more importantly we're now promoting electric vehicles. So if electric vehicles are not allowed to go in the same areas, a lot of people will be put off buying them."

– Steve Percy, People's Parking Protest
Credit: ITV News Meridian