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Interviewees: Frank Tomlinson, Disabled passenger & Jane Waller, Mobile Customer Assistance & John Boler, Mobility Issues Group for Goring & James Davis, Great Western Railway

Great Western Railway has set up a dedicated team of staff to assist disabled passengers across their network in the Thames Valley.

It follows calls from disability campaigners for improved assistance on public transport.

Many disabled people say they have been left stranded at the platform or unable to get off of the train.

Some disabled passengers have been stranded on the train.

Campaigners in Goring-on-Thames have worked with the company to make it a reality.

The team will assist passengers at stations and even travel with them to make sure they can get on and off the train.

It is hoped the scheme will be rolled out to other parts of the network and the country.

You have to ensure that you can get on a train and get off of it, especially with a wheelchair because you can't go up the big steps. Your main worry then is there going to be somebody at the other end to help you get off of it. Since Great Western Railway have started this scheme, there's been no trouble at all."

Frank Tomlinson, Disabled passenger
Dedicated staff will assist disabled passengers. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Certainly if they're going from an unmanned station to an unmanned station, we're there with them to get them on, get them off, to make sure they're safe. Only the other day I was able to assist a young lady who has epilepsy and only had a short journey to make."

Jane Waller, Mobile Customer Assistance

passengers with reduced mobility use Great Western Railway's existing Passenger Assist service

It puts elderly and disabled people on the same level as other people. They can go out and enjoy leisure, they can go to work, part-time jobs often. They can do shopping trips."

John Boler, Mobility Issues Group for Goring