Residents at Gosport tower block 'living in plastic hell'

People living in a tower block in Gosport say plastic sheeting, installed following the Grenfell Tower blaze, is blighting their lives and affecting their mental health.

The covering was installed at Blake Court more than a year ago following safety inspections at four blocks in the town.

Some squares have been cut out in front of some of the windows to let the light in, but residents say they have "had enough of living in semi-darkness".

This is the view out of one window at Blake Court. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Hyde Housing Association has said the cladding on the tower block was safe but is being upgraded.

The majority of residents at the tower block are elderly and have mobility problems.

One resident, Betty, 88, who has lived in the block for 40 years now relies on friends to take her out for some daylight.

Despite the widespread anger, some residents are reassured that the work is taking place.

There are still remnants of the former cladding around the back of the building.

Work on two towers in the town has been completed with work on another three, including Blake Court, underway but it is being hampered by bad weather.

The schedule for completion of the works is as follows:

  • Seaward Towers – scaffolding is now coming down with completion expected in mid-March 2020

  • Hammond Court – completion expected at the end of Feb 2020

  • Blake Court – completion expected at the end of Feb 2020

  • Harbour Towers – completed December 2019

  • Garland Court – completed November 2019

Credit: ITV News Meridian