Holocaust Memorial Day: Survivor of five death camps says suffering 'must never be forgotten'

A survivor of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz says the suffering of the Jewish people and others under Hitler "must never be forgotten".

Shindy Perez from Hove in Sussex survived a total of five death camps including Auschwitz-Birkenau, Stutthof and Bergen-Belsen.

She has been speaking of her experiences there, 75 years since the camp was liberated.

Shindy and her two aunts were taken to Auschwitz. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Shindy was taken from her home in Hungary to Auschwitz with her grandparents when she was 15, but they were separated soon after and she never saw them again.

Her grandmother saved her life by convincing the guards she was old enough to work instead.

Shindy says the memories of the camp will always be with her.

Every day she wakes at 3am thinking about what happened.

Ninety percent of those murdered at Auschwtiz-Birkenau were Jewish. Credit: Pathé