Daisy the duck dives into Dorset care home

A care home in Poole enjoyed one of its regular visits from Daisy the duck.

The residents at Dorset House like to stroke and cuddle Daisy.

Daisy was found injured on a main road and has been looked after by owner Marie Hunt ever since.

The duck will not be released into the wild because she is deemed "far too friendly with humans".

Credit: ITV Meridian

Andrea Moorhouse, Deputy manager of Dorset House said that visits from animals like Daisy help to make residents "feel good".

She said: "It stimulates them, it engages them and makes them feel like they're valued."

Credit: ITV Meridian

For Mary, a resident at Dorset House, Daisy's visit sparked fond memories from her time as a land girl.

She said: "We looked after everything, mainly in the fields and on the land. We used to go and see the ducks in the pond, they were lovely."

Credit: ITV Meridian

"This is absolutely gorgeous. She really is nice and lovely."

Resident at Dorset House

Daisy will continue to visit Dorset House and bring smiles to residents there.