Volunteers keep striving to restore 18th century Sandwich Windmill back to former glory

Volunteers who have been restoring Sandwich Windmill vow to continue with the project after progress was set back by recent high winds.

A roof at ground level was torn off, taking parts of the restoration which it and damaging the body of the mill.

Now a fundraiser is underway to try to pay for the damage so work can continue.

  • Watch this report by Sarah Saunders:

This is the destruction left behind by high winds at White Mill in Sandwich.

The top of the windmill had been taken off for restoration but when gusts tore off the protective roof, it took some of the repair work with it - then hit the body of the windmill.

Heavy winds hit the body of the windmill Credit: ITV Meridian

Martin showed us some of the restored structures that had been ripped off in the recent storms.

  • Martin Smith, White Mill Trust

Built around 1760, volunteers are keen to get the centuries old wood properly covered again before more damage con be done.

If some of the 18th century woods gets saturated it can't be replaced.

A JustGiving page has been set up to get repair work back on track.

Volunteers hope to restore the windmill back to normal by 2021

Despite the set-back, the volunteers who work here and who have already created the sales are determined that the cap will be back in its rightful place on top of the windmill by 2021.