Explorer who discovered Antarctic is honoured in Brighton

A man who is credited with making the first confirmed sighting of the Antarctic coastline 200 years ago, has been honoured in Brighton.

The explorer and navigator Edward Bransfield has had a special plaque outside his home in Sussex.

Michael Smith, a polar historian, says he's believed to be the first to glimpse the Antarctic mainland.

He died in the city in 1852, but his memory there lives on.

This week a ceremony was held to unveil the plaque and recognise Edward's hard work and to promote his name.

Edward Bransfield became one of the most enigmatic figures in history but no-one knows what he looked like because there were no photographs or paintings of Edward and he left no personal account of his voyages.

His discovery began the era of Antarctic exploration and was later made famous by the exploits of Ross, Crozier, Borchgrevink, Amundsen, Scott, Shackleton and others.