Acrid black smoke seen for miles from Aldershot garage fire

A major fire in Aldershot has left 50-60 people evacuating from their homes.

The fire broke out around 6:45am this morning in the MOT bay of a car and servicing unit on Elms Road.

The flames quickly took hold and the air was filled with acrid black smoke which could be seen from miles way.

Fire may have started in an MOT bay
  • Hear what local people had to say about the fire:

Fire crews tackled the fire from 6:45am Credit: Eagle Radio

Fire crews from Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey attended the scene, using around 14 water pumps to get the fire out.

All the properties in the surrounding area on Elms Road had to be evacuated. 50-60 people were taken to a place of safety.

  • Nigel Cooper, Group manager Hampshire Fire and Rescue:

It's very difficult for us to enter because of the collapse of the roof. We are still dealing with the fire but we're on top of it now. We're going to get a structural engineer to come and have a look so we are able to keep hitting the hot spots.

Nigel Cooper, Group manager Hampshire Fire and Rescue
Investigations are underway into the cause of the fire Credit: ITV Meridian
Fire crews remain at the scene Credit: ITV Meridian

Fire crews will remain at the scene all day to dampen down the fire.

Fire crews say the fire is now under control, and they will be on the scene for some time. Many roads in Aldershot remain closed.