'Keep calm and carry on' - Chinese Community on fighting Coronavirus

The leader of a group representing Chinese people in Sussex has called for unity in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Kevin Tsang has lived in Eastbourne for almost 50 years and is chairman of the town's Chinese Association.

He says many people within his community are very concerned but says that everyone should keep calm, as the world deal's with the global health emergency.

"People from mainland China are obviously concerned and aware and other groups are as well but the fact is that we mustn't be paranoid. It's not just Chinese people that are concerned, the world is concerned about this and we need to unite and mustn't scare about the prospect in front of us."

It's after nine people have now been diagnosed with the Corona including five from Brighton and Hove.

The outbreak has led to schools telling pupils they can stay at home if concerned and people across Sussex having to 'self-isolate' to avoid any risk of spreading the virus further.

Kevin tells me he's heard of Chinese people being discriminated against Credit:

Kevin says though he's heard of Chinese people being discriminated against since the outbreak of Coronavirus.

"I heard about people sat on the bus at te back and the people originally at the back moved to the front or go downstairs. I can understand that we have to tolerate this sought of behaviour but we mustn't make this situation by being angry.

"My message is the old English phrase - keep calm and carry on."