A community rallies round after a devastating fire in Basingstoke

A man from Basingstoke who lost his business in a devastating fire has been paying tribute to everyone who is helping him get back on his feet.

Chris Hall lost his workshop but the fire also destroyed his neighbour's home - so he says he's also struggling with guilt. But he told us the kindness of the local community has been overwhelming.

The workshop was reduced to ash and the family home next door, was completely gutted. Chris Hall lost his business and the moment he saw smoke billowing from the workshop is still - all too vivid.

Chris has lost about £30,000 worth of tools and equipment - but over the past few weeks there has been a steady stream of people offering what ever he needs.

Chris lost about £30,000 worth of tools and equipment Credit: ITV Meridian

Having no income and struggling with the guilt of what has happened has not been easy, but Chris is now hoping he will be able to start his business again - and get his life back on track.