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Mother describes how son lost his fight for life

Another grieving mother - who lost her baby son at a hospital in Kent - is demanding to know how many other babies have lost their lives needlessly. Laura Cooke has described how she watched her baby lose his life at the QEQM Hospital - after a catalogue of failures by medical staff.

Laura and baby Luchii were twice sent home by medics who failed to spot deadly symptoms. And when Luchii returned to hospital, in urgent need of lifesaving treatment, the blunders continued until it was too late to save him.

In a statement today, EKH Trust express deepest sympathy. They they're working as fast as possible to give his family the answers they need but say it's important their investigation is as detailed and thorough as possible - and that takes time.

Reporter John Ryall asked if Luchii's death is one of 15 preventable baby deaths the Trust admitted to on Thursday.

They say no - because those relate to the maternity department, whereas Luchii was seen in the emergency department and on the paediatric ward.

The report that the family have - and gave us a copy of - is an initial 72-hour Serious Incident Report, but reinforces his mother's account.

It highlights a failure to recognise serious sepsis, a failure to escalate Luchii's case, poor communication between doctors, nurses and consultants, unavailability of beds, inadequate observations and numerous other concerns about the case.