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Could moveable motorway barriers replace Operation Brock?

If you're a driver heading to Dover or the Channel Tunnel, or indeed any of the tens of thousands of motorists using the M20 in Kent each day, you might have thought you've seen the end of Operation Brock. Think again!

Operation Brock Credit: ITV Meridian

The actual Operation Brock barrier was taken down at the beginning of this month, accompanied by the cheers of road users who hoped they'd seen the back of it.

It was put in place by Highways England to cope with expected congestion at the Channel, in the event of a No-Deal Brexit.

Well that No-Deal Brexit and the congestion never came - but the bill did! £35 million- taxpayers' money of course.

The Operation Brock barrier was taken down at the beginning of February Credit: ITV Meridian

It could be that if we fail to get a trade deal with the EU at the end of this year, we could be looking at a similar scenario: the need for another barrier on the M20 and the need to use part of the motorway as a lorry storage area.

A moveable barrier will now be used by Highways England Credit: ITV Meridian

This time, Highways England say they'll not use the permanent fixed barrier that we'd become used to during 2019, but this - a moveable barrier, that is more easy to deploy, and more easy to withdraw.

Earlier Fred Dinenage spoke to Heidi Skinner from the Kent-based Freight Transport Association.