Brink of collapse at damaged roads on Isle of Wight

Residents on the Isle of Wight say recent storms have caused more damage to a road, leaving it on the brink of further collapse.

People in Ventnor are calling on the council to carry out repairs to Belgrave Road before more of the road gives way. Large cracks appeared and the wall collapsed more than a month ago.

  • Chloe Oliver spent the day in Ventnor. Watch her report below:

A fortnight of heavy rainfall on already exposed ground has caused more problems.

Large cracks were reported along Belgrave Road on the 16th January. The road has been closed ever since, with one property temporarily evacuated over safety fears.

Large cracks were reported along Belgrave Road Credit: ITV Meridian
One property has been temporarily evacuated Credit: ITV Meridian

A local surveyor on the island told us he believes water from recent storms has most likely gathered under the surface and caused the supporting stonework to collapse.

Islands Roads and consulting engineers say there's no threat to nearby houses.

  • Nava Young- Business owner:

A few miles away in Niton, the Undercliff Drive has been closed for 6 years following two significant landslips.

Undercliff Drive has been closed for 6 years Credit: ITV Meridian

That collapse was down to major ground movement during the very wet winter, but re-instating the road there could cost up to £2 million.

While work continues to stabilise the area in Ventnor, the council say they're working around the clock to monitor developments.