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Mum and daughter reunited after weeks in coronavirus quarantine

A woman from Bracknell who spent two weeks in quarantine after returning from the Chinese city at the centre of the Coronavirus outbreak has been reunited with her mother.

Vicky Sullivan works for the technology firm P2i based in Didcot. She was on a working trip with colleagues in Wuhan when the virus struck, but after spending 14 days in a specialist unit in The Wirral, Vicky has now been released and welcomed home.

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Back mum.

Vicky works at her company's laboratory in Wuhan in China. When news of the coronavirus broke, she, like many others, was desperate to get out.

  • Vicky Sullivan

Thousands of people in Hubei Province have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, and hundreds are dying every day.

When Tina finally got the call from Vicky to say she had two hours to get to the military road block and the airport, she went into full-on 'mum mode.'

  • Tina Walford

Once they landed back in the UK, the ordeal wasn't over for Vicky and fellow passengers. They'd left most of their belongings and faced two weeks of quarantine in a special base on the Wirral.

The quarantine room they were put in for 14 days Credit: Vicky Sullivan
People donated food and supplies Credit: Vicky Sullivan

Everything that they had when we were in quarantine was donated by the local community. They'd set up a facebook group and organised so much. It was absolutely incredible. Restored my faith in humanity.

– Vicky Sullivan

As a scientist, Vicky took the whole Wuhan experience in her stride, but nevertheless, she is glad to be home.

It's very strange. It's a surreal experience but it's lovely to be here, finally seeing the bookshop and the teashop and seeing how Mum's been doing for a while.

I will go back to Wuhan. That's where the customer is. It's not Wuhan's fault that this happened in the city. It could have happened in London.

– Vicky Sullivan
Mother-daughter time, much needed

She's staying long enough though to enjoy a few cups of tea with her Mum...china tea, of course.