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Horse industry recognising the unsung hero's of the stables

Its the time of year when the horse racing industry recognises the work done by thousands of staff who work behind the scenes.

The hours are unsociable, it's physically demanding and requires real dedication. That's why the Head Lad at the yard of Lambourn trainer Harry Dunlop is in the finals.

  • Penny Silvester has been to meet him. Watch her report below:

Phil Wright is the Head Lad at one of the south's biggest stables, and he's been looking after race horses since he was 15 years old.

I'm probably sort of similar to what a manager would be in any other industry. If the boss is away, I'm in charge, basically the general day-to-day running of the yard.

– Phil Wright, Head Lad
His day starts at 4:30am every morning Credit: ITV Meridian

His day starts at 4:30am every morning. By the time the first lot of horses are heading out to the gallops, he's already put in a three hour shift.

Trainer Harry Dunlop knows the value of having a dedicated right-hand man.

  • Harry Dunlop - Trainer:

He was brought up in London and as a wayward teenager, says he was heading down the wrong path before he discovered a love for horses.

It was only purely because an adventure playground I went to- there was a lady there with a couple of horses that you can mess around with and I said right from the word go I'd always like horses then.

– Phil Wright, Head Lad

The Godolphin Awards are for the unsung hero's of the racing industry, and the winners will be announced next week.