'Make me feel in prison' - new Canterbury carpark causes distress to residents

One of the public transport success stories in our region has been High Speed 1. The train service started just over 10 years ago but passenger numbers have gone up, and up almost 12% a year.

As a result, Ashford and Ebbsfleet have built vast new car parks to cope with the numbers, but other towns have struggled. Canterbury in particular has had to build a huge new multi-storey in the city centre to cope.

However, some people believe a new Parkway station midway between Ramsgate and Canterbury is the answer.

  • Watch James Dunham's report below on the problems of high speed success. He speaks to one campaigner who says the new multi-storey is like a prison:

It's just completely damaged the area. Make me feel in prison.

Carole Zepler

Carole Zepler along with many others did tell Canterbury City Council not build the carpark, however it's almost finished, creating a view that Carol - who has been living here for more than 30 years - believes she shouldn't have to get used to.

Canterbury City Council has even admitted that it knows the project has divided opinion, but it says it's a vital piece of transport infrastructure to deal with the increased number of passengers needing to use train services here from Canterbury West station.

The council also say concerns about the loss of green space is being dealt with by keeping the trees and building what they call a living wall.

The council also say concerns about the loss of green space Credit: ITV Meridian

''Not good enough'' says one opposition councillor who feels residents have been let down.

  • Councillor Nick Eden - Green, Lib Dem, Canterbury City Council:

The controversy over the car park has reignited calls to build a new train station to take the pressure of this city.

  • Sir Roger Gale MP - Con North Thanet:

A new station won't help Carol, though. The car park will be open on April 1st, a date where she'll have little to smile about.