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Brother and friends of Harry Dunn speak out following teenager's death

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The twin brother of a teenager from Oxfordshire, killed in a collision last year, has spoken of his grief, and of coming to terms with life without him.

Harry Dunn, who lived near Banbury, was killed after a crash between a car and his motorbike outside a US airbase in Northamptonshire in August 2019.

The wife of a US diplomat, Anne Sacoolas, who was driving the car, was granted diplomatic immunity after the crash and allowed to return to the United States.

As a twin, Niall Dunn says he has lost the 'second half' of himself.

When you think of him, it's not him smiling. It's him in a ditch, broken and bruised and screaming, and you can't not picture that because that is what happened. So you just try and focus on the good than on the bad, but you know, it's very hard to do."

– Niall Dunn, Harry's brother

When Ms Sacoolas, 42, claimed diplomatic immunity and was able to return to her home country, it sparked an international controversy. In December, she was charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rejected an extradition request last month after the US State Department said the request would render the invocation of diplomatic immunity a practical nullity and would set an extraordinarily troubling precedent.

Anne Sacoolas (left) has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving

Ever since his death, Harry’s mother Charlotte Charles and father Tim Dunn, and other family and friends, have been campaigning to bring justice for their son.

Harry's friend, Cuan Allen, says: "It does take the sting out of it a little bit, because you know you're fighting for a good cause. But, obviously, it's never going to bring him back, but you've just got to keep on fighting."

Harry's friends and brother: Connor Brian (left), Cuan Allen (middle), Niall Dunn (right). Credit: ITV Meridian

Last week, a video emerged on social media appearing to show a car being driven on the wrong side of the road outside RAF Croughton where Harry was killed.

Northamptonshire Police is investigating and says it's working closely with the base on driver safety.

Connor Brian, Harry's friend, says: "I just don't understand how it is still happening, the fact it has been brought up so much in this area, even the Americans in that base, they must hear it non-stop now and the fact it's still going on, they must just be deluded, what's going in their head when they think, I'm just going to drive like I would normally, someone's just died from it and you're just driving normally like you was before, what are you going to achieve? You're just going to kill someone else and it's just going to make all of your jobs a lot harder, why don't you just think before you do something."

Harry's family has called for Julian Assange not to be extradited as long as the US refuses to send the suspect in the teenager’s death back to the UK. Credit: PA Images

Meanwhile Harry's family has called for Julian Assange not to be extradited as long as the US refuses to send the suspect in the teenager’s death back to the UK.

The 19-year-old’s parents have said they believe any further extradition requests by the US should be refused after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rejected the return of the woman involved in their son’s death, Anne Sacoolas, last month.

Their spokesman Radd Seiger said the Foreign Affairs Committee had accepted their request for an inquiry into the extradition, and to the diplomatic immunity granted to Mrs Sacoolas.

Earlier this month, the Foreign Office said they had “no plans” to launch a public inquiry into the case – saying the case had been handled “properly and lawfully throughout”.