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Rain and storms bring pothole misery for motorists

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There's been a huge rise in the number of potholes across the South's roads. It's being blamed on the wettest Autumn in decades and the recent Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis. The problem is being seen on rural roads, as well as A roads and motorways.

Credit: Paul Norris

Paul Norris hit this pothole as he was driving home near Basingstoke. He placed his shoe in the photo to show the size of the hole.

"Coming back from the gym one evening I hit a pothole nearside. It was wet so I couldn't see the depth, couldn't see the hole and the tyre blew. I did get a photograph and it cost me nearly £200 for a new tyre. It is frustrating as you find yourself slaloming down the roads here just to stay safe."

– Paul Norris
Credit: Danny Taylor

People have also been venting their anger on our social media. A pothole in the New Forest blamed for this punctured tyre and damaged suspension. Another viewer was forced to pay £450 for damage caused by a pothole in Sussex. The AA says it's called out to at least one breakdown a day caused by potholes. The organisation blames a lack of investment in the region's road maintenance programme. Hampshire County Council says it's investing more money into road repairs and lobbying the Government for extra cash.

We've committed an extra 5 million pounds to the budget. We have also previously invested in our Dragonpatchers and we have 2 more on the network now and they are dedicated to working on Hampshire's roads. We've effectively had under investment from successive Governments over many years so we are lobbying the Government to get the investment that we need to actually repair our roads.

– Cllr Rob Humby, Hampshire County Council
  • Video report from ITV News Meridian's Tom Savvides on the rise in potholes in the east of the region