The Environment Agency has unveiled plans to protect more than 700 properties in north Reading and Caversham which it says are at risk of major flooding.

It's the largest developed area in the Thames Valley at risk from flooding with no planned flood scheme.

It'll be holding a series of public events for the public to give feedback on the £30 million pound scheme which includes building flood walls and temporary barriers.

A number of homes and businesses in the area were flooded in 2014 and the agency says it's only a matter of time before it happens again.

Local residents and businesses can give feedback on the plans Credit: ITV Meridian

A number of different options have been considered for the scheme, from a flood storage area to natural flood management measures such as woodland planting and wetland restoration.

  • Joe Cuthbertson, flood-risk manager for the Environment Agency

”It’s very easy to underestimate the damage and destruction flooding causes, both financially and on people’s mental health.

Joe Cuthbertson, flood-risk manager for the Environment Agency in the Thames Valley
Parts of Caversham were devastated in 2014 following heavy rain Credit: ITV Meridian

The plans to reduce flood-risk include a commitment to improve the local environment.

Trees would also be planted to replace any lost during the building of the defences.