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'Taking drugs is like tossing a coin': A Grandfather's warning

A family from Ashford are speaking about the dangers of drug use after their grandson died from an overdose.

Owen Kinghorn was 15-years-old when he took drugs for the first time.

Owen Kinghorn died after taking drugs for the first time

Owen had told his parents he was sleeping over at a friend's house, but instead went out and took MDMA.

The 15-year-old was found dead in a field near Ashford the next day, with enough MDMA in his bloodstream to kill six adults.

His family had never suspected that he had been involved in drugs.

  • David Kinghorn, Owen's Grandfather:

Owen's grandfather, David Kinghorn, is talking at a series of events for parents in Ashford and Tenterden.

It's hoped it will help others spot the warning signs that children are getting involved in drugs.

At one of the sessions, David Kinghorn said: "Talk to your children, talk to them about drugs and the dangers and other high risk activities."

David Kinghorn is talking at a series of drug awareness events Credit: ITV Meridian

"At the end of the day, if you think about it, it's rather like tossing a coin when you take a drug. Heads - you live. Tails - you die. You've got no guarantee of which one it's going to be. Just because you get away with it the first time, doesn't mean you're going to get away with it the second time."

– David Kinghorn, Owen Kinghorn's grandfather

The sessions are being organised by Kent Police, to try to stop young people getting involved in drugs, gangs and knife crime.

  • Chief Inspector Nick Sparks, Kent Police: