Wheelchair user speaks out after being told she couldn't board train

A wheelchair user from Oxfordshire, who was told she couldn't board a train has described being stuck on the platform and left feeling she was being "treated like a child".

Katie Pennick was refused access to a Chiltern Railways service from London to Oxfordshire.

Railway staff at Marylebone said the 5.21 train was not accessible to wheelchair users, due to narrow gangways and the lack of a ramp.

Katie posted a video of the incident, which went viral, after she was told she couldn't travel on a train to Haddenham and Thame Parkway because it wasn't accessible to wheelchair users.

  • A video of the incident filmed by Katie:

Eventually, the decision was reversed and a ramp was found.

Katie, who is a passionate campaigner for accessible transport, was allowed onto the platform and was able to continue her journey.

  • Katie Pennick, Rail passenger:

Katie frequently travels in and out of London. She is often accompanied by her partner Alex, who said she repeatedly experiences difficulties on public transport.

  • Alex Lopez, Katie's partner:

Chiltern Railways have since apologised to Katie and said they are committed to making their railway accessible to all.

Chiltern Railways said they are replacing the train in question with more accessible carriages.

However, Katie Pennick said there is a long way to go before transport is equally available to all.