Crumbling Madeira Terrace could be saved with £13.4 million investment

It's a unique example of Victorian architecture - the longest cast iron structure in the country - yet it's been closed off to the public and tourists alike for the last five years.

The Madeira Terraces in Brighton is in such a state of disrepair, repeated bids to save it have failed but a last-minute deal now agreed by councillors at their budget could do just that.

  • Watch Andy Dickenson's report below:

Behind this screen lies a triumph of Victorian architecture - dressed in degradation and some despair.

Off limits to residents, workmen were today (02/03) making their annual survey of the crumbling Madeira Terraces, amid a new plan to save it with a prospective £13.4million of investment.

This bid to rescue these crumbling arches is highly complicated Credit: ITV Meridian
The plan will takes years to implement. Credit: ITV Meridian
  • Rebecca Bunker, Save Madeira Terraces:

Like the elaborate ironwork, this bid to rescue these crumbling arches is highly complicated. Money will first be borrowed and invested in private assets. The money they generate is then being plowed into this restoration.

£11million at first is added to to the £2.4million raised already raised by the public.

  • Cllr Nancy Platts, Brighton and Hove City Council:

With several failed ideas behind it, this plan is not just a long time in the making, it may well take years to implement.

However, with fresh designs for the arches due in the next few months, fresh hopes that they could yet be saved.

There's a prospective £13.4million of investment to save it. Credit: ITV Meridian