Andre Bent murder trial: accused left country 'scared of going to prison for a very long time'

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A teenager accused of killing a man outside a nightclub in Maidstone told a murder trial today he left the country because he was 'scared of going to prison for a very long time'.

The 17-year old has admitted stabbing 21-year old Andre Bent outside the Gallery venue last August but denies his murder.

Bent was one of four people to be stabbed within a 73 second period by the defendant who went to a car and picked up a knife in self-defence.

He believed he and his friends were going to be attacked.

The jury were told by the teenage boy that the atmosphere outside Gallery nightclub following a performance by his friend, grime artist MoStack, was 'chaotic, tense and hostile'.

He said were fighting, wielding bottles and swinging belts, he said, and another friend was laying unconscious on the ground

He alleged that he heard Mr Bent and a friend, both dressed in white T-shirts, shouting 'get the ting' - meaning knife - and passing something behind their backs.

Forensic officers investigating the murder of Andre Bent in August 2019 Credit: ITV Meridian

Giving evidence for a second day, the boy described the moment he then stabbed Mr Bent.

"He was right in front of me, it was almost like a split second. As he appeared in front of me his arm was raised,"

"Having seen the two men in white shirts with a knife, in that moment I thought he was going to stab me.

"I lunged once at the man quickly and jumped back a few steps."

The defendant was also asked why he left the country and got on a plane to Greece.

He told the jury, "I was scared that because of what had happened, I would go to prison for a long time."