Brighton charity creates prototype, moveable, eco-friendly 'home for the homeless'

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Interviewees: Jim Deans, Sussex Homeless Support & Ladislav Guzsela, Rough Sleeper & Stuart Henton, Architect

In a unique initiative in Brighton, homeless people themselves have worked with a designer to create a prototype home of their own.

Charity, Sussex Homeless Support, has created a prototype, moveable, eco-friendly 'home for the homeless'.

The wooden units are transportable and highly insulated with a rubber roof and triple glazed windows.

It is hoped they could provide a safer, more permanent alternative.

Credit: ITV News Meridian

Really there's no houses, especially in Brighton and Hove there's none, so last year we got together with a designer and came up with a genuine plan that would tick all the boxes. They're so cost effective to build, they have so small a footprint, they're carbon neutral virtually, they take nothing to heat up - cheap everywhere. There's no reason why we can't have hundreds of these in a year situated all over little bits of grassland and give the guys an opportunity to have what everybody's raving about, which is housing first."

Jim Deans, Sussex Homeless Support

people were sleeping rough each night in Brighton in 2018

Official estimates had 64 people sleeping rough each night in 2018.

In the most recent figures that has increased to 88.

Eventually, it is thought that homes like these could be produced every week, creating employment as well as accommodation.

Credit: ITV News Meridian