Coronavirus: Kent family on being in self-isolation

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  • Watch: James Dunham speaks to Jessica Roe about being in self-isolation.

A family from Kent is waiting anxiously to find out if they have the Coronavirus.

Jessica Roe and her two young children, along with their father, returned from a three week holiday in Thailand all experiencing some form of cough and cold symptom.

They've now been in self-isolation for five days after receiving advice from NHS 111.

"I work in a bank as a cashier so if I was to have it and handle money and give it out to people it would be around the town within three to five days."

Jessica Roe speaking to us outside her home

I interview Jessica from outside her home in Herne Bay where she was visited by a paramedic and nurse who swabbed the family.

Medics swabbing the house

"It was quite surreal a bit like a scene out of ET. They had to come in with all the suits and then do four swabs - two in your throat - two in your nose."

Jessica says her children are coping and improving health wise are doing well.

"They're not going too mad just yet and are not sending me mad just yet."