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Kent family out of isolation after testing negative for coronavirus

A family from Herne Bay in Kent are now out of self-isolation after testing negative for coronavirus.

Jessica Roe, along with her children Jacob, 4, and Harrison, 2, and their father, Ben, isolated themselves at home for ten days while they awaited tests results to come back to establish if they had contracted coronavirus.

The family had returned from a three-week holiday in Thailand, with all of them experiencing some form of cough and cold symptom.

Luckily, the test results have come back negative and they are now out of self-isolation.

Jessica says the first thing the family wanted to do was go to the park.

  • ITV News Meridian's Fred Dinenage speaks to Jessica via Skype

It's been okay. Obviously it's better to be in the comfort of your own home than being quarantined in a hospital or somewhere else, so we're grateful for that. But, yeah, we're glad it's over now - for us anyway."

– Jessica Roe
Jessica's family self-isolated for 10 days before coronavirus tests came back negative. Credit: ITV Meridian

Jessica says they've stayed connected to friends and family through social media, and have had their food delivered to the front door.

The school that son Jacob attends has also been sending homework for him to do, which Jessica says has also kept them occupied.