Beach clean volunteers do battle with waste in Brighton

  • Watch a video report on the beach clean.

It's an ongoing problem...waste and rubbish left across the South Coast which can have a huge impact on marine life.

To deal with the issue volunteers armed with litter pickers took part in a beach clean in Brighton.

Some of the waste found included rope, wood, plastic bottle caps and screws.

Beach cleaners in Brighton Credit: ITV

Dean Round is a Conservationist at Sea Life and says there's more marine life at risk than people might think.

"If you imagine just off our coast there's 11 native species of shark, that's just off Brighton. We are home to such a variety of different species that people may not know. This plastic, rubbish entering the water, is going to have a really big impact."

While the group of litter pickers did come across waste today Brighton beach has looked much worse. This was how the coast looked last August the morning after people celebrated Pride in the city.

How Brighton beach looked last summer

Sea Life is trying to encourage more people to take part in their future beach clean events.

Upcoming beach cleans in Brighton

  • Saturday 11th April
  • Saturday 9th May
  • Saturday 13th June
  • Saturday 11th July
  • Saturday 8th August
  • Saturday 19th September (Great British beach clean)
  • Saturday 10th October
Beach cleaners in Brighton today Credit: ITV

Samantha Armstrong Sea Life Brighton's Marketing Manager says:

"We're really proud of the beach clean programme which has been established over a number of years. We'd love to work more closely with the Brighton & Hove community and beyond to extend our volunteer group sizes so that we can start to make a real difference to protecting our shores, seas and marine life."