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Grandad joins dementia study to raise awareness

A man from a village in Berkshire is helping to further research into dementia after he developed symptoms of the condition at the age of fifty-seven.

Philip Albrighton and his wife Jayne are assisting with efforts to improve awareness of dementia and the way it is perceived in the general public.

Philip Albrighton used to run a fencing business

Dementia is rare in people under the age of 65. However, Philip Albrighton has early onset Lewy bodies dementia.

"I can't drive a vehicle any more. It's hard to think."

– Philip Albrighton

Mr Albrighton is taking part in a number of studies through the National Institute for Health Research, aimed at speeding up diagnosis and improving care for dementia patients and their families.

Measures include memory tests and a look into the genetics of dementia.

Watch Juliette Fletcher's report below.

The interviewees are Philip Albrighton, his wife Jayne Albrighton; and Sarra Blackman, a Lead research nurse.