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Solent charity gives essential food to elderly during coronavirus pandemic

A charity in Hampshire is reaching out to vulnerable people across the South.

It comes as people continue to buy essentials, leaving shelves empty and supermarkets struggling to keep up with demands.

Acts of Kindness Solent in Fareham is offering supplies to those who can't get to the shops or don't want to face the crowded supermarkets.

The charity is preparing bags of essential foods and are disinfecting the produce in order to help protect against coronavirus.

Credit: ITV Meridian

The charity is also helping the elderly to stay connected by arranging Skype calls via donated computers.

It comes as the government said that by the weekend, groups particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 will be asked to stay at home for 12 weeks.

"We've had an elderly person that couldn't get to the shops and the people who were looking after that elderly person has underlying medical problems, so they now can't help this person. We are going to set up a pool of volunteers to come together.

We also need laptops and we'll get those wiped clean, reset and back out to the community to the elderly. Hopefully they've got WIFI or a means to use it. We'll set up something here at the hub where supporters can talk to those that are isolated just to give them a bit of contact. It will also keep them safe and the supporters safe as well."

– Kerry Snuggs, Acts of Kindness Solent Founder