Church doubles attendance with online services due to pandemic

It was a historic moment at the weekend when churches in our region fell silent, not opening for services for the very first time.

Not even two World Wars could stop British churches worshipping on a Sunday - yet the coronavirus has now forced them to close their doors.

However, many have turned to technology, broadcasting their songs and sermons online, with one Brighton church which has a thousand members already seeing around 2,000 tuning in live for its morning service alone.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Joel Virgo, Leader of Emmanuel Church, Archie Coates, Vicar of St Peter's Church in Brighton, and singer Megan Nicholas.

Joel Virgo Credit: ITV Meridian

We're just learning how to do church in totally bizarre circumstances for us, but its exciting. I think we're going to learn how to be a community by other means and its going to test us and stretch us but I believe if we get it right we'll be able to serve hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people."

Joel Virgo, Leader, Emmanuel Church
Canterbury Cathedral Credit: PA

In light of the Government statement around non-essential contact we regret that the Cathedral is no longer open for public worship or for personal prayer. Our resident clergy will maintain daily services, which will continue to be live streamed"

Statement, Canterbury Cathedral