Coronavirus: British travellers still stranded abroad

British travellers from across the south are still stranded abroad, despite their attempts to get home.

The Foreign Office issued advice for all UK travellers to return.

However, it has become increasingly more difficult to do so, as countries enforced quarantines and ground flights due to coronavirus.

Three people from the Meridian region are currently stuck overseas and are battling to fly back to the UK.

Abbey Farmer-Hartley flew to New Zealand with her boyfriend and brother on a hop on bus tour around the country.

But as travel restrictions tightened in the wake of Covid-19, she has found herself unable to get home.

"I'm lucky that I've got somewhere to go in Auckland. There are pregnant people stuck out here, people who need medication and people who want to get back to their children. There are a lot of us out here and we are all keeping in touch."

Abbey Farmer-Hartley
Credit: ITV News

Former Eastbourne Lib Dem MP Stephen LLoyd, is also in New Zealand.

He said he fears they could be stuck there for some time and that people could "get quite desperate in the next week or two".

"It's clear that there are many people stuck in New Zealand, who will be getting quite desperate in the next week or two, if something doesn't sorted. I think the government are going to have to do exactly what they did for the Brits stuck in Peru. Frankly, I think they're going to have to organise repatriation flights."

Former Eastbourne Lib Dem MP Stephen LLoyd
Credit: ITV Meridian

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advised all British travellers to return to the UK as soon as possible.

In Parliament on Tuesday, Dominic Raab the Foreign Secretary said he had reached an agreement with Singapore to help with connecting flights.

  • Dominic Raab, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs

Elsewhere, medical student Timothy Gomm is stuck in Tonga.

Timothy is anxious to get home to the UK, in order to use his medical skills to help the response to the coronavirus outbreak.

He said: "It's very difficult watching the state the NHS is in, having to recall retired healthcare professionals, in order to help support the workforce."

Credit: ITV Meridian

"It's very difficult being sat here having to twiddle my thumbs, not being able to do anything useful."

Timothy Gomm, Medical Student

The Government said it is working with airlines and local authorities abroad to overcome barriers and to help enable people home.

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