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Jazz singer plays songs for fans online after shows were cancelled

A jazz singer and piano player from Hove has started performing online concerts from his garden shed.

Joe Stilgoe's theatre shows in the UK and abroad, were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Credit: ITV Meridian

The pianist said he doesn't want to let down his fans, who will miss the performances.

Joe interacts with his followers on social media and asks them what songs they would like to hear.

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Credit: ITV Meridian

Joe plays the requested music in a mini concert on the internet and can see the comments from people on Facebook and Twitter.

He said: "The odd thing about doing shows on the internet, is you get immediate feedback in words."

"I'm not fussy about what I sing, but someone asked me to do Copa Cabana earlier and I realised I don't know the lyrics because I've avoided learning them, but I will".

– Joe Stilgoe, Jazz singer and pianist
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