Thousands of pupils across the south have spent the week learning from home.

Earlier in this month, Boris Johnson announced schools would close to all, except vulnerable children and those of key workers.

It has been one of the many significant changes to 'normal life' since the coronavirus outbreak began.

In many schools, the children on site have been outnumbered by the staff there to look after them.

It follows advice from the government, asking parents to keep their sons and daughters at home wherever possible.

At Cottage Grove Primary school in Portsmouth, all staff are on a three-week rota to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

The school, which usually has more than 450 children, now only has between 12 and 22 pupils attending.

Staff at Cottage Grove are trying to ensure students follow the social distancing rules, but headteacher Polly Honeychurch said: "It's really hard when you're only three."

"My staff have been amazing in adapting to all of these changes."

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Meanwhile, St Wilfrid's Roman Catholic in Horsham are adapting to the new routine.

The school in Sussex, which usually has 1,000 pupils had 23 members of staff go in on Monday.

However, only six students attended the school this week.

Headteacher Michael Ferry said: "We're coping - morale is high and as a profession we have a can-do attitude."

Credit: Virginie Lefour/PA Images

Moulsford school in Oxfordshire are providing regular online assemblies for students, and say it's crucial to keep in touch.

Online lessons also mean that parents at home are learning to deal with different ways of working.

ITV Meridian viewers sent in photos of their children learning at home:

Jean Jeannie's son Harry studying hard
Debbie Witt's child doing an online PE lesson with Joe Wicks
Claire Thomson's daughter Molly doing maths at home
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