Coronavirus: What life is like after the outbreak

Life for everyone in the south has changed dramatically this week, since Boris Johnson announced the UK was in lockdown.

Daily routines and social interactions are no longer 'normal', with government guidelines ensuring people stay two metres apart from one another.

In Portsmouth, the effects of coronavirus on society are clear.

There are few people on the streets and even fewer cars.

Playgrounds are locked to prevent children from spreading the coronavirus and libraries, pubs and cafes are shut.

The only remnants of normal life are the key workers - rubbish collectors, postal carriers and shop workers - who continue with past daily routines.

Credit: ITV Meridian

The sound of a few children at Wimbourne Junior School breaks the silence in the local area. These pupils are either considered vulnerable or are the children of key workers.

Signs dotted around the town hint to the coronavirus.

Instead of advertising the sale of homes, the local estate agents is using its window display to remind people to "stay at home".

Credit: ITV Meridian

Meanwhile, signs scattered across the neighbourhood show the kindness of local residents.

Rainbows that have been drawn by children are stuck to windows to promote hope, while homemade banners declare support for the NHS.

Elsewhere, people are looking out for anyone who needs help while they self-isolate in their homes.

Credit: ITV Meridian
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